Top Recommended Podcasts to Transform Your Business & Life in 2013

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“If you’re not feeding your mind positive and uplifting information on a daily basis then the chances of you actually changing and improving your life are slim to none” – Gabe Strom

From my experience there are only 2 ways to change your thinking and thus change your life (There’s probably more, but these are strategies I’ve used personally to get better results in my life)

1.  Listen to positive and uplifting messages on a daily basis

2.  Attend 2 and 3 day LIVE EVENTS to submerge yourself in a new way of thinking

And since there are only so many Live events you can squeeze on your calendar, here’s my Top List of recomended podcasts that you can subscribe to right from your Iphone or other smartphone.


Top Business Podcasts on Itunes:

1.  Dave Ramsey – (How to live debt free and wealthy according to proven Biblical principles)

2.  The Rise to the Top – (Interview show with great 45 min expert interviews)

3.  Smart Passive Income – (Quick lessons on how to make money online)


Top Spiritual podcasts on Itunes

4.  Elevation Church – (Good Real, Raw, & Relevant messages)

5.  Kris & Kathy Valloton Ministries – (Prophetic and might be like drinking from a firehose if you’re new to the faith)

6.  We are Mission – (Personal friends of mine with a start up Church in Suburbs of Chicago on a Global Mission)


Top Personal Development Podcasts on Itunes

7.  Everyday is Saturday with Sam Crowley – Good quick messages to call out your Inner Champion.

Now I’m constantly looking for new resources to add to my daily “input” list, so if you know of any podcasts that should be included on this list just leave me a comment below.

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Gabe Strom
“Author and Creator of the “Backwards Blueprint” life mapping process

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