Top 5 Must Have Marketing Tools (In Plain English)

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Top 5 Marketing Tools of 2011

Every great entrepreneur has a trusted set of tools in his / her tool belt …

and online it’s no different.

Actually having the right tools online can not only save you valuable time, but also give you an unfair advantage over your competition by allowing you to get more done faster!

So in spirit of the New Year I have put together my Top 5 List of must have marketing tools for online success in 2011.

Here they are:

1.  Your Blog – Whether you own a local small business or are a world renown author, speaker, and coach…. your personal blog is your #1 gift to your customers.

And in a web 2.0 world, your blog is just a fancy way of saying your website because your customers, clients, and raving fans are all looking for a safe place to learn about your business and how you can bennefit them.

So if you still don’t have your personal blog set-up, then be sure to visit the good old boys over at the Free Blog Factory to get set up with your new blog today.

2.  Your List – It’s actually really sad to see it, but so many entrepreneurs and business owners are literally missing out on tens of thousands of dollars each month just because they haven’t taken the time to properly set up any type of “Squeeze Page” or lead capture system with an autoresponder to follow up with their potential customers automatically.

This is by far the #1 priority for any small business, internet marketing, or solo-entrepreneur moving into 2011 to ensure that your business not only grows but increases exponentially.

There are lots of choices for good autoresponders like “Aweber”, “Get Response”, and “I Contact“, but my own personal favorite (and service I actually subscribe to and use) is I Contact because it’s just very user friendly and makes building a list easy.

I Contact is also the Only auto responder system on the market that allows you to import your own list from an excel file which is KEY to building your list with simple social media.  They’ve also got a free trial to allow you to build your 1st list of up to 250 subscribers for free.

3.  Your Marketing Funnel – Having a blog where you share great content, and building your email list are all fine and dandy, but if you don’t have a proper marketing funnel to send your traffic to, then you’re really just spinning your wheels (Unless of course you’re an affiliate marketer and plan on driving traffic to other people’s funnels).

But for any serious Information Marketer or Internet Marketer who’s interested in building a long term sustainable business, you Must not only build a marketing funnel, but must be able to easily update and test your funnel to optimize your conversions.

All the traffic in the world is great, but if you can’t monitize it with a proper marketing funnel, then you’re really just wasting your time.

And my top tool pic for creating and managing great marketing funnels goes to the good ole boys over at Kajabi.  Not only will Kajabi allow you to customize lead capture pages like at, but it will also allow you to easily create membership sites where you can get paid monthly for your content.

Here’s the deal though, I would not recommend Kajabi for anyone who is not yet clear on their busienss or at least the basics of an online marketing funnel because Kajabi will only make you money as an internet marketer if you actually get off your butt and Implement one of the million ideas in your “Entrepreneurial ADD” brain.

Ok, so maybe you’re not ADD like me, but you get the point.  Kajabi is Not For Beginners!  Please seek professional coaching if you’re not sure how to properly structure your marketing funnel before you buy Kajabi.

4.  Webinar Service – As I look back on the past 2 years of our online business there’s one tool that’s time and time again proven to make more money faster than anything else… and that’s online webinars.

See lucky for us, we don’t have to rent out a hotel room at the local Hilton to gather up to 1,000 targeted prospects in a room for a marketing meeting.  Because of modern webinar technology today, you can easily attract large crowds of hungry buyers to your business with services like Go To Webinar.

Personally I’m a big fan of Go To Webinar, mainly because we’ve been using them for over 2 years and they’re by far the most reliable webinar service on the market.

The other cool thing about Go To Webinar is that they have a Free Trial for your 1st 30 days using the service.  And if you can’t make money the 1st 30 days doing webinars, then you should seriously consider getting out of the internet marketing game all together in 2011.

All I’m saying is that in my professional opinion, webinars are the easist and fastest way to build a targeted list, and generate instant customers.

5.  Traffic Tool – My #1 instant internet traffic tool moving into 2011 goes out to the fine folks over at “Traffic Geyser“.  Of all the automated traffic getting tools out there on the internet, the only one I consistantly use in not only my own business but also in the business of my personal local clients is traffic geyser.

With the proper keyword research it’s by far the fastest way to get good google rankings with an automated software.

The other reason I like Traffic Geyser is because they also have a $1 trial for the 1st month, so you can test out their software for a full 30 days on your own niche market to see how it works in real time.

So there you have it.

My top 5 marketing tools of 2011 drawn out in Plain English.  Let me know which tools you like using and think are relevant in 2011.

Gabe Strom

Stay Inspired,

Gabe Strom

P.S.  I hope you enjoyed my top 5 top tools list of 2011, because I really enjoyed sharing it with you.

And because of the new FTC laws I’m required to remind you that when you click on links in this article and others on this blog, I may receive commissions for anything you may or may not buy from the resources I’ve listed.  Just to be clear I plan on using some of the affiliate commissions to invest into our next project….. (Sorry but I can’t talk much about it yet)…. but Thank You!

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  1. Butch Zemar


    Great content. I’m sure business owners can really use your information. Hopefully they take it and make it a more successful 2011.



  2. Scott

    Thanks Gabe. I’m going to review all of these tools and decide which ones can help me in my business. Signed 3 customers up last week! Feeling really good about 2011. Looking forward to your insights in the new year.


  3. Louise DiSclafani

    Gabe…Thanks for the ongoing educational stuff. This was very enlightening – some I knew and some was good to add to my tool box for the very near future.

  4. Julia Rohrmoser

    Yes, thank you Gabe, you are right on the money. These are a “Must Have.” I set up my blog from free blog at Freeblogfactory, and I love it.

  5. Gabe Strom

    Congrats on the 3 clients last week! I can feel that 2011 is going to be a breakout year for a lot of people and it’s going to be exciting to watch..

  6. Gabe Strom

    You don’t “need” to, but you absolutely “deserve to”….. a man named “Jeffrey Combs” taught me the power in our words

  7. shane anciso

    Hey there Gabe,

    Appreciate the tips, full of value and naturally straight to the point.

    Appreciate and respect everything your doing bud and I easily look forwards to the experience of meeting you in person and working on some projects with you going into 2011.

    Hope your have a incredible day 🙂

  8. Prospect List

    Hello Gabe!

    Nice to read your blog, and very valuable information! I am not sure if you remember me! we talked while back (about a year!) before you moved to California! I will bookmark your blog.

    Thanks again!


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