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Leadpages – The simple, non techy way to build professional looking landing pages, sales pages, webinar pages, and marketing funnels.
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 BackwardsBlueprint – My personal “Life Mapping System” designed to help you find your purpose and do what you love.  Because if you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will get you there.

My Top 10 Recommended Reading List:

“It’s not what you know anymore that counts, it’s how fast you learn”  – Robert Kiyosaki

Top 10 Book Recomendations

Business Books:

1.  Rich Dad Poor Dad – by Robert Kiyosaki (Real Estate / Business 101)

2.  The E-Myth – by Michael Gerber – This one book as impacted my life more than any other small business book I’ve ever read!  (I give this book my highest recommendation if you want to start a business that doesn’t fail in the next 5 years like most businesses)

3.  Think & Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill

4.  “How to Win Friends & Influence People” – by Dale Carnagie – Serious Classic if you’re in any kind of business that deals with people… which haphazardly happens to me most businesses that exist today.

5.  “The Go Giver” – by Bob Burg

6.  “Tribes” – By Seth Godin, Everything by Seth Godin is golden if you’re into marketing

7.  “Blue Ocean Strategy” – Teaches you how to think outside the box

8.  “Power of Positive Thinking” – by Norman Vincent Peale

9.  “The Travelers Gift” – By Andy Andrews

10.  The Bible – Really my #1 pick for general life wisdom and knowledge about life, but since it’s politically incorrect to talk about spirituality, I figured I’d save the best for last.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list frequently since I’m always stuffing my mind with fresh information, so in the mean time you can leave your coment below with any good books you’ve read that you think should be on this list.

God is Good,

Gabe Strom

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  1. MarioFinkbiner

    Great list of books Gabe. Have read 9 out the 10. Thanks for sharing. 

    How about “7 Habit of Highly effective people” by Stephen R Covey ?btw what is “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin about ?

  2. Colin Asquith

    It’s not politically incorrect to talk about spirituality, people just don’t appreciate spiritual things being pushed where they don’t belong. Like on a list of the best 10 business books.

  3. Zahib Ziaweet

    Rich Dad Poor Dad started the “Entrepreneurial” journey for me. I still have the cash flow game and my dad, brother, used to play it. That would be an interesting old but new thing to do with selling courses online, shipping games to people whom buy from you.

  4. Mike

    Should consider educating yourself about money – Bank on Yourself – Pamela Yellen & Pirates of Manhatten

  5. Skidroq

    Just reading Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey. Turns out some Biblical principles just make good business sense.

  6. Nick Grimshawe

    Awesome list of books to read. Some of them I have read others I have made note of and will  download them. #6 and 7 are the ones that most caught my attention.

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