So I’m Moving Back To Chicago Today…. (Here’s Why)

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Now before I start hearing the rumors as to why I’m moving back to Chicago, I thought it might be better for you to hear it straight from my mouth instead of the “preverbial grapevine.”

And as much as I love California, there are 2 very simple reasons why I’ve decided to move back to Chicago for this next season of life.

1.  Since my business is 100% online, I can pretty much live and work anywhere in the world where there is a wifi connection.  And as some of you already know, I separated from my previous business partners about 5 months ago and really don’t have much keeping me in California (Besides the awesome weather and Surfing of course).

But as much as I love jumping in the water after a long day of slaving away on my computer, there “is” a force in this universe that is stronger than Surfing.

I know, I know…. you might be thinking…. HOLY COW GABE…. what in the world could be better than surfing in the So Cal Waves.  And the answer is simple.

2.  “It’s about a girl.”  And Since I don’t talk about my personal life too much, you may or may not know that I’ve been dating an amazing girl (Sara) for over 3 years now.  And for the past 11 1/2 months she has been putting up with my California Shennanigans and doing the long distance thing with a smile on her face.

Don’t get me wrong.  As tough as it is to maintain a long distance relationship, it has actually been really good for us.  But all good things must come to an end, and after some long hard thinking, I’ve decided to “Give the little lady what she wants.”

So as you can see, the surfing will have to take a backseat for now because the lady needs some lovin.  And thankful for me, I’m flexible enough to live an work pretty much anywhere in the world.  (*hint that’s one of the main reasons I love working online)

So who knows what this next year will bring, but for now it’s back to Chicago!

See ya in Chi-Town,


P.s.  I think I successfully avoided that Nasty Chicago winter just in time for Spring!  Stay Inspired!

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  1. Meghann Lorean Conter

    Gabe, this is so good to hear, and being a female who's been in a long distance relationship, I'm REALLY happy for Sara's sake! You are truly a wonderful man for putting her (and your relationship) first! Congratulations, and I must say, you chose the right time of year to move back — after the frigid winter!!

  2. Louise

    I agree that one of the hidden reasons that the main two worked for you is the timing of Spring coming to Chicago! As was commented, as a woman I can appreciate and applaud your willingness, since you had the flexibility, to make the move to join Sara. All the best!!

  3. Joe Hofbauer

    Hey Gabe – just discovered your blog the other day and I'm happy to see things seem to be going really well for you. We're still in Chicago (I think the last time we saw each other was in Wheaton at a concert and I was with a girl – she's my wife now (!) ), and when you get back this way, if you end up in the city proper (or if you're ever in the city just hanging out) I'd love to catch up. Good luck with the move!

  4. arthurmartens

    smart move! being happily married for 8 years has shown me that its always worth it to take care the woman you've been blessed with!

  5. gabestrom

    Thanks William… I'll never forget that glorious day you responded to my Facebook post about studying “Continuity” training. Much love buddy!

  6. Lisa Lomas

    It is always good to hear it from the real person instead of silly rumours, good on you for setting the record straight and following your heart.

  7. Lisa Lomas

    It is always good to hear it from the real person instead of silly rumours, good on you for setting the record straight and following your heart.

  8. Romy Macias


    Best wishes to you on this new chapter of your life. Hey, Chicago is a beautiful city… lots of great architecture! Thanks for sharing and best regards to your lady!



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