Inside the Mind of a Genius Inventor with Chris Hawker – Episode #26

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Inside the mind of a real life Genius.

Chris Hawker Inventor

You’re in for a treat, because this is the amazing story of how a young 16 year old inventor turned his child-like fascination into his dream job as a Master Inventor.  Join me on today’s episode we dive deep into the mind of a genius inventor including the “Power Squid” and well known “Onion Googles”.

Chris Hawker created his first success at the ripe age of 16 when he invented (believe it or not), an “Algae Scraper” for aquariums.  Since starting his design company, he has now developed and successfully marketed 70+ products several of which have been on TV over a dozen times.

Inside this exclusive interview with Chris Hawker you’ll learn:

– Chris’s Entrepreneurial story and his unexpected start in the Aquarium business
– How he invented the Dream Job that if he saw someone else living he’d be jealous (And now is his reality)
– The role and importance of Mentors
– The details of his “Perfect Product Pyramid” and how to avoid wasting your time on products that don’t sell
– Why you always want to surround yourself with a team that’s smarter than you
– Plus what he’d do if he was starting all over again from scratch today?

How to be an inventor

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