Behind The Scenes Interview with Gabe Strom on “Future of Social Media Trends”

Free Podcast Training on the “Future of Social Media Trends” with Gabe Strom:

Recently I was interviewed by one of my past clients named Kris Gilberston on her new Itunes Podcast Show.  In the past 60 days she’s been able to get ranked #2 on Itunes under the Careers section and during this short Podcast Clip she basically grilled me on some excellent questions on “The Future of Social Media Marketing” and “Where I see the trends for Online Video Heading in 2012.”

I make some pretty bold claims and predictions so you’ll have to be the judge on what you think the trends are in 2012.

It’s free, there’s no opt in required, and I think you’re really going to enjoy the tips and predictions I make in this short interview.  You can listen to Part 2/3 of this interview below.

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