6: Bryan Dulaney & How He Turned $500 Into $20K w/ Simple Affiliate Marketing

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Today I get the privilege of interviewing an underground marketer named Brian Dulaney.  He’s been quietly selling under the radar since he started in his college dorm room.  Now he consults with 7 figure businesses all over the US. on how to 3X and 10X their Revenue.

Bryan Dulaney

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Brian Dulaney turned a $500 Investment in PPC Traffic into $20K in Revenue with a simple strategy called “Launch Jacking”
  • The details of his new Perfect Funnel System
  • How he now consults with 7-figure businesses to help them Implement his “Perfect Funnel System”
  • Plus Much More…

Resources and Links Mentioned in the Show:

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