Turning Paid Advertising Into Profits with Serial Entrepreneur Brian Kaldenberg (Episode #34)

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Today’s tale is that of a man destined for greatness.


Brian Kaldenberg Game Rosters












Starting with his first online business Brian Kaldenberg (now founder of ProofreadingPal.com) got his start in online marketing while still in college with an idea he had while playing “NCAA Football” on the PS2.   And during this exclusive interview, Brian shares the back story of how he got started his first online business, and how he has been able to scale multiple successful businesses online starting from scratch.  It’s an inspiring story and you’re gonna love it.

Here’s what you’ll learn on today’s show:

NCAA Game Rosters 2014














– How he got the Idea for his first online business (GameRoster.com)

– How he’s scaled his current online business to $645,000 in annual  sales online (all with a small staff in Iowa City, Iowa)

– And how he Dominates Niche Traffic on Google and turns paid advertising into profit.

Resources mentioned on today’s show:

Brian’s Company:  www.ProofreadingPal.com

Connect with Brian on Facebook:  Facebook.com/BrianKaldenberg

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