Gabe’s Top 3 Trends Predictions for 2011

Gabe Strom Social Media Marketing 27 Comments

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2011 Online TrendI get people all the time asking me where I think the trends are heading in 2011,

and between you and me, I see a very bright future for the forward-thinking entrepreneurs of today who can recognize these trends and act quickly before the masses catch wind.

So in spirit of the Visionaries who like to stay ahead of the curve, here are my top 3 trend predictions for 2011.

1.  Mobile Marketing Becomes the Last Great Frontier of Direct Marketing. I don’t know about you, but I get dozens of emails every day from having subscribed to some of my favorite marketer’s email list, but if I’m lucky I’ll get around to opening about 10% of them.  That means that about 90% of the email lists I subscribe to go unopened and thus unread.

So as important as list building is, you’re still fighting an uphill battle with every Joe, Dick, and Harry who are also emailing your prospects everyday as well.  And in marketing getting your message read is only half the battle.

After fighting for the mind space of your prospects, you still have to convince them that your products or services are worth them pulling out their credit card to actually buy.

Why is this all important?  Because experts are predicting 2011 to be the year of the smart phone, and in America they are predicting that by the end of the year, nearly HALF (that’s 50%) of all cell phone users will have a smart phone.  And smart phones mean internet access, and internet access means they’ll be using them to research products and services on the go before they make buying decisions.

With this smart phone explosion we will see several opportunities emerge.  One being the rise of the Mobile Text list, and another being the rise of Mobile friendly websites.  *hint, *hint are you building your mobile list?

2.  The 2nd Big Trend I See Happening This Year, is The Emergence of The “Everyday Guru!”

So who are the “everyday gurus?”  Well the everyday gurus are regular people like you and I who turn specialized knowledge into cash via their own information products

Now if you’re new to information marketing let me explain what I mean.

Years ago it was very expensive to get into the information publishing (or info marketing) business because of all the technical skills your needed and people you had to hire just to put up your website and host your videos.

But now because of tools like “Kajabi” you are able to start your own information marketing business for a couple hundred bucks.

And some of you who are reading this might be thinking, “well yes Gabe, it’s much cheaper to get into the information business now that it was in the past, but why do you think 2011 the year of the everyday guru?”

And the answer to that question is that not only are the tools more accessible than they were in the past, but information about how to start your own information marketing business are becomming more widespread as well.

With experts like Eben Pagan and his $10,000 “Guru Mastermind Program” or Brendan Bruchard and his “Experts Accademy”, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs are Waking Up Everyday to the amazing bennefits of running an information marketing business.

I mean what other business in the world can you start for a couple hundred bucks and enjoy close to 100% profit margins on the products you sell?

I have a friend who invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into starting a Subway franchise, only to see minimal profit margins after paying all the franchise fees, rent, payroll, and all the other costs associated with running a traditional brick and mortar business.

But when you’re selling information online you’re talking nearly 100% profit margins on the e-book you  wrote or video series you produced.  It’s a beautiful thing, but I believe this year to be the year we see an emergence of the Next Generation of info marketers because the barrier to entry is low, and there’s so much great training out there now about how to turn your knowlege into money with your own info products.

3.  My last trend prediction for 2011 might come as a surprise to you.  With that, I believe “Linked-In” to be the most overlooked social media marketing tool on the planet for anyone who’s selling business to business.

Seems like everyday someone asks me for social media advice and my answer to them is always the same.  “Focus on where your prospects are already hanging out online, then go market to them there.”

Seems like everyone and there mother is talking about Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter anytime social media marketing comes up, but when it comes to actually making money from your social media efforts, why is it that most people are ignoring the largest pool of 6 figure business people on the net?

Yes you heard that right, not only is the average income on Linked-in nearly $107K / year, but nearly 45% of it’s user’s are decision makers who have the income to pull the trigger on business related products and services.

Think about it, Linked-In was created as a business social network, and has evolved to become the #1 business social network in the world.  That means that the people who join Linked-In , so so because they want to grow their business.

The question becomes, how are you building your list on Linked-In?

Now obviously there are more trends to talk about that we haven’t touched in this post, but I’ve gotta get back to work, so we’ll have to save those for another time.

For now, what do you see as the Next Big Trend in 2011?  (leave your answer in the comments below)

Comments 27

  1. Dmitriy Kozlov

    This inspired me to finally get my ass in gear with my outdated LinkedIn profile. Being in B2B, I would add to your list the amount of small businesses using WordPress for their primary websites. This provides significant opportunity for low-tech web designers and marketing consultants to offer high margin high value services.

  2. Loree Evans

    You have done it again Gabe! I am always impressed with you!! The # 1 thing you mentioned was LinkedIn and I have been working on that! 🙂

  3. Joshua Zamora

    Great Post Gabe! I have been leaving Linked-In on the back burner but constantly get emails from people wanting to connect on there. Thanks for the kick in the ass! 8)

  4. rebeccahappy

    Hi Gabe…I think I read this w while back. I am totally witnessing the local GURU bit in the past 12 months in my town. I think there will be a few more trends as those who resisted the online world now come to terms that there is no turning back.

  5. Wesley

    Great info! I've been getting a lot of traffic on linkedin lately but I still overlook it most of the time

  6. Mikel Erdman

    Good stuff. I agree with you on all three points, Gabe. LinkedIn is definitely a strong way to connect with other professionals and leaders in industry. Not to mention, it's easy to work through the network of connections using your personal contacts as a bridge of trust to new prospects and business partners. Keep up the great work!

  7. AHaun

    I've always thought Mobile would play a big role. I took a class in the field two years ago in school, not knowing what it was or how it would be beneficial. But like you stated, it is SO direct that the impact it's going to create is going to be huge. Not just mobile coupons, SMS texting, QR Codes, etc., but companies are starting to pick up on the location based end of it. Geo-targeting Mobile Marketing is going to blow the lid off of marketing. Great post, Gabe.

  8. Prentiss Seymour

    Terrific post Gabe and I also support you and the others in respect to LinkedIn. My concern is that FB, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and the others will be over run by marketers employing old media techniques to pitch and sell, pitch and sell. Just because anyone can now talk to me does not mean my ears will hear them. If I don't have a relationship with you, even slight, the chances of me hearing you are zero. We all have a remote between our ears with a “block out” button ;-)) The good news is that there are real people out there with real brains that understand and want to create relationships to discover if what they have can be of benefit to me. This will get my attention and if I don't need their product/service I may know of someone who does that I can refer. Some of the Big Dogs you mention understand this and are now on top of the heap as a result. You also are in the know. Take care

  9. gabestrom

    Terrific insight Prentiss, I think you're spot on with the “relationship” part of social media…. that's the best part we all get a choice on who we want to listen to

  10. Michelle Gilstrap

    I have been using LinkedIn for a while, and I have been teaching others to get their profiles complete. It is the fastest growing area that is being overlooked. Groups on LinkedIn is another hot area.

  11. Louise_gd

    Great point! I maintain my use of LinkedIn on a regular basis, for just your reason. Everything I look at keeps reminding us of the value points of LinkedIn.

  12. Mikecole62

    I have been getting the same e-mails from my guru's in regards to mobile phone marketing. One of my traffic sources traffic geyser allows you to send a video via mobile phone. Pretty exciting stuff if you consider that people will be able to buy your stuff without sitting home in front of their computer. As for Linked In I was told that the average user makes 100g however because of this you want to be careful how you approach them. Linked In is not MySpace or ever Face book or Youtube. What do you think?

  13. Angela Johnson

    Very thoughtful post Gabe, *really* well done. I agree with your observation that LinkedIn is underused, but i don't think it's necessarily a bad thing; I get the sense that the “it slices, it dices” personality of hawkster now so prevalent on FB and Twitter has shied away from that arena, and I for one am grateful for that, lol!

    As for mobile marketing, absolutely agree with you that it is an essential element in one's total marketing outreach strategy. Not so sure though that 2011 is the Year of the Smart Phone. While I've been hearing that mantra quite a bit, I also recall 2010 being hailed as the year of the QR codes. When that didn't happen, the brain trusts then said it's because we who follow latest marketing trends are simply ahead of the curve. Followed by “just wait, 2011 is the year of the smart phone, then you'll see QR codes take off”.

    I don't necessarily see the inevitable correlation that because an app is overwhelmingly popular in Asia and Europe that it will catch on here. If there's something the average American Joe is proud of, it's his anti-intellectualism :p Yes, I said it, okay? lol! Combined with a still-flagging economy, I believe we'll still see most business continue to be derived from online venues accessible via desktop, laptop, iPad and tablets due to consumers' comparison of costs of plans and ease of use of the devices.

    And, if one is going to target the mobile user, like LinkedIn it requires A-Game level production/content, expertise and conviction in the subject to engage this individual. Just an opinon {shrug} 🙂

  14. Mike

    Gabe I think your blog post really hit the mark! Information products are going to be huge in 2011 as well as Mobile Marketing . Lastly, I think your video on “How to create Magnetic Videos” has a lot of great content and tips. Thanks Gabe!

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